Rabu, 29 Maret 2017

onong resort tomohon

onong palace tomohon resort
start price rp 350 000,450 000
onong resort tomohon is located in kinilow tomohon city
one of the best place resort in tomohon north sulawesi indonesia

tomohon information hotelsand resort

highland resort and sp tomohon

high land resort  and spa tomohon
one of the best resort in tomohon nort sulawesi indonesia
starting price in euro 30,40,50,


mountain view resort and spa tomohon

mountain view and spa  resort tomohon
startin price from rp 350 000,400 000,500 000
located in kinilow tomohon north sulawesi indonesia.
nice place and gernan manager there .
guidejotje lala in their website .

information hotel and resort tomohon north sulawesi indonesia

gardenia country inn kakaskasen tomohon

gardenia country inn kakaskasen tomohon.
price in 4 USA startin price $60,90
this is very nice flower garden

happy flower resort kakaskasen tomohon

happy flower resort tomohon
happy flower resort tlocated in jalan rungku kakaskasen 2
tomohon city north sulawesi indonesia
rice starting from rp 200 00o,400 000,500 000

volcano resort tomohon

volcano resort tomohon.
volcano resorth tomohon is for budget hotel for travellers but still good.price in indonesian rupiah rp 250 000
information booking posible with
whatassp +62895155057588
tomohon information hotels ,resort,and homestay or guesthouse near theactraction of hiking lokon volcano

enjoy tomohon city